WAYON Corporation Honored with the Title of "Quality Benchmark" Enterprise in Shanghai (2022-2023)!

2023.8.22 Shanghai News Center

Recently, the Shanghai Economic andInformation Commission organized the selection of the "QualityBenchmark" enterprises for the years 2022-2023 in Shanghai.Shanghai WAYON Electronic Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to asWAYON) was award

Recently, the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission organized the selection of the "Quality Benchmark" enterprises for the years 2022-2023 in Shanghai. Shanghai WAYON Electronic Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as WAYON) was awarded the title of "Quality Benchmark" enterprise for its experience in achieving quality risk control of electronic components through "standardization, normalization, and collaboration".

The selection of quality benchmark enterprises in Shanghai aims to guide companies to enhance the quality of products and services systematically through technological innovation, management innovation, and business model innovation by utilizing advanced and applicable quality management methods and quality engineering technology. This process aims to form quality management methods that have demonstrative effects, are replicable, and can be promoted.

WAYON employees have always upheld the mission of "making customer products safer, more reliable, and efficient." We have consistently implemented the quality policy of "achieving customer satisfaction with excellent quality" and solidly promoted the comprehensive quality management work of the enterprise. This honor not only acknowledges the comprehensive strength of our company but also recognizes the quality-related work of the quality department and all other relevant departments. Here, we express our gratitude to all departments participating in comprehensive quality management. It is the close cooperation between teams, the dedication, and efforts of every WAYON employee that made the mission possible!

With this additional honor comes greater responsibility. WAYON will surely take this opportunity to further promote quality work to new heights, continuously providing customers with even better products and services!

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