WAYON exhibits products and solutions for circuit protection and power control at the Electronica

2023.7.12 Shanghai News Center

The electronica China Munich Shanghai ElectronicsExhibition 2023 was held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and ConventionCenter from July 11th to 13th, local time. The exhibition brought togetherhigh-quality electronic companies from both domestic and

The electronica China Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition 2023 was held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center from July 11th to 13th, local time. The exhibition brought together high-quality electronic companies from both domestic and international markets, creating a professional showcase platform spanning the entire industry from product design to application implementation. The exhibition focused on industry trends, incorporating new display areas based on real-time industry hotspots, covering topics such as new energy vehicles, smart cars, green energy, smart factories, Internet of Things (IoT), smart wearables, industrial Internet, wireless communication, data centers, and smart homes.


The Semiconductor Pavilion, a highly favored theme, remained a highlight of the 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition. Shanghai Wayon Electronic Co., Ltd. (WAYON), specializing in circuit protection and power control solutions, showcased a variety of innovative products around the theme of "Integration of Innovation, Smartly Leading the Future," demonstrating the extraordinary strength of Chinese power electronics manufacturers to a global audience.


#Innovative Display: A Joint Effort in Circuit Protection and Power Control

Meeting the OPEN Alliance standards for 100/1000BASE-T1 open technology, Ethernet ESD protection devices are delivered to customers, enhancing product value with advanced technology.

Mass shipments of general automotive bus CAN/CAN FD transceiver products and successful projects with multiple automotive Tier 1 manufacturers.

The TOLL-packaged power MOSFET product series is delivered to new energy and electric tool brand customers, continuously exploring high-value niche markets.

Precision resistors and fuse product specifications are continually improved to rapidly seize market growth opportunities.


Of course, the mentioned products are just the tip of the iceberg of Wayon's innovative achievements. During the exhibition, Wayon also showcased various products and innovative technologies, including 0201 ultra-miniaturized PTC technology, domestically exclusive SCF product technology, domestically exclusive BSP technology, SJ-MOSFET technology with ultra-high voltage of 1000V and above, battery protection CSP low-voltage Trench MOSFET technology, finely grooved IGBT technology with intermediate performance, automotive-grade high-voltage intelligent switch protection technology, ultra-low power consumption & high PSRR & ultra-low noise LDO product technology... Power electronics products, whether in technical systems or in collaboration with customer processes and capabilities, require a long accumulation of time. Wayon has been deeply involved in the field of power protection and control for nearly 30 years, with a diverse product technology layout, constantly improving products, enhancing technology, and strengthening the company's core competitiveness.


#Business Multipoint Enhancement: Advancing Product Solutions

Powerful automotive electronic products support the electrification of automotive functions and provide comprehensive new energy solutions.

Wayon's advantages in the fields of circuit protection, power control, and other product areas have been solidly built step by step. Through the joint efforts of professional teams in research and development, manufacturing, quality, marketing, and supply chain management, a professional system with strong competitiveness has been created. We regard solution development as a core element equally important as product development, aiming to make solution development a bright business card for Wayon. According to customer needs, we explore more diverse business models and vertically extend the industrial chain.


Looking to the future, opportunities and challenges coexist. Although facing uncertainties in the transformation of the industrial chain and the global economic situation, only by actively improving our capabilities can we overcome difficulties and turn the situation around. In the future, Wayon will continue to be driven by innovation, guided by market demand, and provide customers with more high-quality products, services, and comprehensive circuit solutions.

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