WAYON Won the 23rd China Patent Excellence Award

2022.08.04 News Center

Recently,China NationalIntellectual Property Administration announced the results ofthe 23rd China Patent Award. Shanghai WAYON Electronics Co., Ltd. won the China Patent Excellence Award for"Resistive Positive Temperature Effect Conductive Composite

Recently, China National Intellectual Property Administration announced the results of the 23rd China Patent Award. Shanghai WAYON Electronics Co., Ltd. won the China Patent Excellence Award for "Resistive Positive Temperature Effect Conductive Composite Material and Over Current Protection Device".

China Patent Award is a national-level patent award jointly granted by the China Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization. The China Patent Award is the only national-level award in the patent field and the highest award in the patent industry. The award focuses on core technologies in key industries and fields, aims to encourage high-quality development of enterprises, and reflects the highest technological level of the industry.

The patented technology of this invention solves the key and common problems in the circuit protection industry. Through major innovations in basic functional materials, component structure design, advanced manufacturing process and testing application scheme, it successfully realizes the excellent characteristics of low resistance, ultra-miniaturization, and high stability of circuit protection components, which are widely used in strategic emerging fields such as automotive electronics, IPC, intelligent IOT, new energy batteries and wearable devices. The accumulated sales revenue obtained by the patented technology exceeds USD 297 million and generated USD 100 million in export, which has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of Chinese electronic components in the international market and gained excellent socio-economic benefits.

Electronic component is a strategic and pioneering industry in the field of electronic information, and a cornerstone industry supporting the rapid development of national electronic information technology. For 26 years, WAYON has always taken independent innovation as the main line, intellectual property as the engine, and the creation, possession, application, and protection of intellectual property into all aspects of enterprise operation and production. WAYON has solidly been promoting the construction of a strong intellectual property enterprise, providing strong support for the company's high-quality development, while has also been working hard for China to achieve independence and controllability in the field of circuit protection.

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