Three major products categories ! WAYON Electronics unveiled at the Electronica China exposition

2021.4.14 SHANGHAI News Center

On April 14, 2021, the Electronica China Fair officially kicked off in Shanghai,including circuit protection and power semiconductor product provider Wayon Electronics (WAYON).

On April 14, 2021, the Electronica China Fair officially kicked off in Shanghai. The scale of this exhibition has doubled compare with before, bringing together more than 1,100 high-quality electronics companies at home and abroad, including circuit protection and power semiconductor product provider Wayon Electronics (WAYON).


As integrated circuit manufacturing processes continue to shrink, chip integration is increasing, over-stress damage (EOS) caused by over-voltage or over-current occurs from time to time, and downstream equipment is developing in the direction of miniaturization, PCB board density, switching and interface speed With continuous improvement, failures of electronic products caused by interference such as static electricity and pulse groups are not uncommon. In addition, power supplies for automotive equipment and communication products are also facing damage from surges. Based on these issues, circuit protection is becoming more and more important.


As one of the few suppliers in the world that master the core technology of advanced protective components, WAYON Electronics has been deeply involved in this field for many years. Last year, it used WLCSP packaging technology to launch the CSP0402 protection device of ultra-small package size (0.44mm*0.235 mm*0.125mm), which is also the thinnest TVS product in China, which can be applied to low-speed data ports and power ports, and ESD clamping voltage is as low as 6.5V, and the on-resistance is as low as 0.05Ω. At the same time, the world’s smallest 0201 packaged PPTC series products have been launched, which have fast over-current response and can effectively improve the system's ESD ability. They are widely used in smart phones, tablet computers, sports bracelets and other products.


In addition to circuit protection products, WAYON Electronics also has power semiconductors and mixed-signal IC product lines.


In terms of power semiconductors, WAYON’s latest generation of C4 super-junction MOSFETs uses the world’s most advanced 8-inch wafer technology. The product voltage covers 500V~1050V, and the on-resistance is as low as 16.5mΩ. Compared with the traditional high-voltage VDMOS, the WAYON series products can Significantly improve the efficiency of the power system and reduce the temperature. The quality factor FOM can reach the level of well-known brands in the industry, setting a domestic benchmark. In order to cope with the trend of miniaturization and ultra-thin power system, WAYON has also developed advanced packaging technologies such as SOT-223-2L, TO-220 ISO, PDFN 8x8, PDFN5x6 and so on.


In addition, the DFN2*2 ultra-thin package of high power density Trench MOSFET adopts the BUMP DFN packaging process. Compared with the traditional Wire Bond process, the internal resistance is reduced by 30%, and the thermal resistance of the package is also greatly superior to that of the traditional package. SGT MOS products can not only achieve ultra-low switching loss, but also adopt Flip+Clip+Wire combination package, which has excellent UIS capabilities, and is suitable for anti-impact and short-circuit applications such as motor drive and battery management systems.


It is worth mentioning that the continuous improvement of the integration of electrical and electronic systems also further highlights the issue of standby energy consumption. Therefore, the mixed-signal IC product line has launched the ultra-low-power low-dropout linear regulator (LDO) WR0114 series, which has a static power consumption of only 0.7µA, which can greatly extend battery life and is suitable for small spaces, extremely low power consumption and heat dissipation applicable for Wearable applications in poor conditions. At the same time, the electronic fuse E-Fuse IC produced by WAYON integrates over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and battery short-circuit protection functions, as well as diagnostic functions, including current monitoring, enabling and error reporting, which can provide a more comprehensive circuit Protection, faster circuit response, more stable circuit characteristics, smaller circuit footprint, and more automatic circuit recovery. It can provide strong protection for the power supply lines of notebook computers, game controllers, AR/VR devices, smart speakers, sweeping robots and other equipment.


Since its development, WAYON Electronics has a mature industry model and a complete supply chain in protection devices, and its customers cover various industries such as security, Telecom, consumer electronics, display, and automotive electronics. After years of hard work, the WAYON company has successfully ranked among the top three in the field of protection devices, and will strive to be the first in the industry in 2021. The market share of super-junction MOSFETs has also jumped to the top three in China. In comparison, IC products started a little later. However, the company currently has a number of competitive products and some unique innovations in the IC field, such as domestic The only Type-C port protection IC and ultra-low power consumption LDO products and E-Fuse IC. WAYON's goal in 2021 is to take advantage of the trend and achieve advancement from a discrete device company to a leading position in the IC market.


With the maturity of the new generation of semiconductor technology and the breakthrough of domestic semiconductor manufacturers, WAYON Electronics has also followed the development of the industry and established an industrial ecological chain based on China’s domestic circulation, and is committed to building a relatively complete and well-established industrial ecosystem with its Competitors.


In the future, WAYON Electronics will continue to be market-oriented, user-centric, and achieve diversified ecological leadership through coordinated industrial development. The general idea of WAYON Electronics is to stabilize the foundation in the fields of Telecom, security and consumer products, with products as the core, to achieve product leadership in emerging industries, balance the structure, and achieve product diversification.

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