600W Leaded Power TVS


Features :
600 watts Peak Pulse Power (10/1000μs),
Unidirectional and Bidirectional Protection,
Fast Response Time :Typically < 1ns,
Excellent Clamping Capability,
Glass Passivated Junction in DO-15 Package,
Low incremental surge resistance,
Plastic package has Underwriters Laboratory,
Flammability classification 94V-O.

Wayon Power TVS Products protect electronic circuit against transient and overvoltage threats such as surge up to 10kA and 15kW respectively, including automotive diodes, high reliability TVS diodes and NR-TVS.

Automotive diodes are RoHS and UL listed while also meet AEC-Q101 requirement.

The use of silicon technology in the NR-TVS products offer lower clamping voltage.

SMA, SMB, SMC, SOD-123 and DFN package demensions are included, among which the size of DFN package is 3.3 mm×3.3 mm×1mm, especially the thickness is superior to traditional package.

Type UNI-POLAR Part No. BI-POLAR Part No. Package Peak Pulse Power Ppp(W) Reverse Stand off Voltage VRWM(V) MIN VBR (Volts)@IT MAX VBR (Volts)@IT Test Current IT(mA) Maximum Clamping Voltage Vc@Ipp(V) Maximum Peak Pulse Current Ipp(A) Maximum Reverse Leakage IR @VRWM(μA) Data sheet